How To Whiten Your Teeth

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Today I show you how to whiten your teeth in minutes. This is the exact same cleaning & teeth whitening method that dentists use to instantly whiten your teeth - But instead of going to the dentist and spending thousands you can do it for FREE in your own home. All you need is a few simple ingredients and your teeth will be 20 shades whiter. This is by far the quickest and easiest teeth whitening method available.
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      Live ?

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      @Pr1ncet0n rude

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      ¡Good Video! :p

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    Ahhh How Teeth very yellow i brush you two very LUCKY NOOB And i know (THAT)

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    Title soun pls 0:01

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    my dude invented torture 0:49

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    *This man hasn't brush his teeth on 99 days*

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    This video actually thought me a lot about how to clean my teeth and it did a really good job keep it up man 👍

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    This guy is really amazing I jsut don’t get how he wastes so much food

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    The teeth is stupid

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    if you have friends like this, you dont need enemyes.

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    if you have friends like this, you dont need enemys.

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    XHazel The CheetahX
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    My pov:what the frick.....i wish i wasnt alive

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    thx so much

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    I'm gonna need this before going to the dentist, ty mate

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    how can someone do klike this to anyone for just youtube views...what happened to brain is not working after seeing his channel..wasting noodles...what happened..

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    instructions unclear: my teeth are purple

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    I am very poor and I have ambitions that I want to reach. Are they supported?

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    neelie _yeet
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    Digi, A protogen called L
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    Corrupter ckid and pump
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