How To Make a Vegan Steak

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Today I show you how to make a vegan steak. This steak contains no traces of any animal products whatsoever. It's 100% plant based. Not only does it look like normal steak - it tastes like it as well. You won't believe that you aren't eating real meat. It's delicious, healthy & isn't difficult to make. Do you think that anything Vegetarian / Vegan doesn't taste good? Think again - This recipe will change your mind. Enjoy!
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  1. Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts
    Prije sat

    At this point, I don't get why he doesn't only consume egg

  2. Knife Gaming
    Knife Gaming
    Prije sat

    why wist fooddd bro

  3. Claudio Sevillano
    Claudio Sevillano
    Prije 5 sati

    How many vegetables did he throw?

  4. Random Channel
    Random Channel
    Prije 10 sati

    Why is howtobasic wasting so much food?😭

  5. Kushal D Shrestha
    Kushal D Shrestha
    Prije dan

    Thumbnail is so good that anybody will fall for it Like if you think the same❤️

  6. Derekk Lionn
    Derekk Lionn
    Prije dan

    @That Vegan Teacher watching this be like.

  7. Kuygaming michel
    Kuygaming michel
    Prije dan

    Do YOU think its funny to waiste foood

  8. Ben Roberts
    Ben Roberts
    Prije dan

    Key word: *Vegan*

  9. Turujee gamer
    Turujee gamer
    Prije dan

    ssssssooooo many food wateges

  10. Waltteri Heikkinen
    Waltteri Heikkinen
    Prije dan

    needs more egg

  11. 7NICK FF
    7NICK FF
    Prije 2 dana

    0:43 destruction button

  12. Jitendra Gandhi
    Jitendra Gandhi
    Prije 2 dana

    What the fuck ? 😡

  13. David Chacon Osorio
    David Chacon Osorio
    Prije 3 dana

    Mom that weird man is throwing eggs again

  14. Handy Gamer
    Handy Gamer
    Prije 3 dana


  15. Ultimate Bummer
    Ultimate Bummer
    Prije 3 dana

    Rip eggs

  16. Ultimate Bummer
    Ultimate Bummer
    Prije 3 dana

    I actually nearly followed the steps lol

    Prije 4 dana

    The vegan teacher 👵🥬🥒🥦🥕 is typing...

  18. Lee Ze Ming
    Lee Ze Ming
    Prije 5 dana

    All vegetables 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Lee Ze Ming
      Lee Ze Ming
      Prije 5 dana

      Half protein

  19. Pickle Planet
    Pickle Planet
    Prije 5 dana

    “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

  20. Harisankar K
    Harisankar K
    Prije 5 dana

    Most basic How To Basic formula: "When in doubt, add more egg."

  21. Vikranta Datta
    Vikranta Datta
    Prije 5 dana

    Da hekkk😢😭 yoi wasted so many veggies😭😭😭

  22. The Screaming BirdThing
    The Screaming BirdThing
    Prije 6 dana

    This is the guy in the math problem who buys 100 watermelons at a knockoff walmart

  23. fishy man
    fishy man
    Prije 6 dana


  24. In style
    In style
    Prije 6 dana

    mhhmm looks so tasty!

  25. Senri
    Prije 8 dana

    imagine if that vegan teacher atually reacted to this

  26. Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Lee
    Prije 8 dana

    so much food was wasted to make this video.

  27. zahra zezo
    zahra zezo
    Prije 10 dana

    الله ينتقم منك دنيا وأخرة على هالتبذير بنعمة الله😡

  28. PTLD-93
    Prije 10 dana


  29. David Love
    David Love
    Prije 10 dana

    Instructions unclear, created 001% Vegan minigun that uses eggs as ammo

  30. Taha
    Prije 10 dana

    Do people actually find this funny?

    1. Minehunter55
      Prije 7 dana

      Commit ice cream bite

    2. JAPTheGiraffe 2
      JAPTheGiraffe 2
      Prije 10 dana

      Go commit Lego step

  31. tfry-mythic96 YT
    tfry-mythic96 YT
    Prije 11 dana

    Me: dad can I have you shovel Dad:yes why do you need it Me: you'll see Dad: *stares what I'm doing* Me: 0:42

  32. Rocky Khan
    Rocky Khan
    Prije 11 dana

    Why are you wasting food 🥘?

  33. FrozenShadow 820
    FrozenShadow 820
    Prije 11 dana

    The egg need more egg

  34. A.C.A.M Productions
    A.C.A.M Productions
    Prije 11 dana


  35. TheCreeperDude
    Prije 11 dana

    Perfect medium rare

  36. RTX FF
    RTX FF
    Prije 12 dana

    Don’t waste food 😓

  37. io
    Prije 12 dana

    what a waste of food do you think of those who cannot have it and you play with it well compliments there are people who die from this problem and you play with it

    1. Amogh Ketkar
      Amogh Ketkar
      Prije dan

      Shut up

    2. Minehunter55
      Prije 7 dana

      U gaee

  38. Leo !
    Leo !
    Prije 12 dana

    What a waste of food There’s people dying

  39. Plå\gue
    Prije 12 dana

    I mean you’re not wrong...

  40. Rye .A
    Rye .A
    Prije 12 dana

    I mean... He isn’t wrong

  41. Manasha
    Prije 12 dana

    I thought it was real🙃 and he would do something to make it as a steak.. I was stupid I admit😂😆

  42. Moses Hnamte
    Moses Hnamte
    Prije 13 dana


  43. gamestly
    Prije 13 dana

    That throwing and beating sound is so satisfaction

  44. Jason Yang
    Jason Yang
    Prije 13 dana

    The dislikes are from the people who clicked on this thinking it was a real tutorial.

  45. Christianjoy Samson
    Christianjoy Samson
    Prije 13 dana

    Everybody gangsta till the egg needs more egg

  46. Peoplearejolly
    Prije 14 dana

    You got all that shit from spudshed didnt you

  47. calvin tam
    calvin tam
    Prije 14 dana

    how much should he earn to cover the cost of his furniture 🤔 😃

  48. Ungamible1 Roblox
    Ungamible1 Roblox
    Prije 15 dana


  49. NoxspoT
    Prije 15 dana

    0:58 My life be like

  50. JustRemix
    Prije 15 dana

    Disclamer : No plants were hurt during the video

  51. ExplosiveAmir
    Prije 15 dana

    “How much food do you wanna waste in this video?” “Yes”

  52. Gysobeamerz
    Prije 15 dana

    The reason he started the shit early in the vid is cuz he can't find a way to make vegan steak lol

  53. Evangelina ClaraJoker
    Evangelina ClaraJoker
    Prije 15 dana

    Poor people don't waste food and they don't have enough many money to buy those ! Shi- u such a greedy

  54. Yuch Land
    Yuch Land
    Prije 15 dana

    How to basic: needs more eggs Also how to basic: too much eggs Me: Bruh

  55. Yuch Land
    Yuch Land
    Prije 15 dana

    Rip the people no thought this was an actual tutorial

  56. 北斗
    Prije 16 dana

    This is too digusting and toxic. I can't imagine a normal human being will leave a like.

  57. Aljo Baja
    Aljo Baja
    Prije 16 dana

    Why do you waste food?

  58. Review Freak
    Review Freak
    Prije 16 dana

    If one day the world faces an egg shortage problem...we know who to blame

    Prije 16 dana

    Why u waste food man😥

  60. wiillians valenzuela
    wiillians valenzuela
    Prije 16 dana


  61. Im rat
    Im rat
    Prije 16 dana


  62. Kalvin Lewis
    Kalvin Lewis
    Prije 16 dana

    Eats eggshell:N E E D S M O R E E G G

  63. Sarthak Raj
    Sarthak Raj
    Prije 16 dana

    Wasteage of food ×1000000000000

  64. Schmidt54
    Prije 17 dana

    I should not have watched this while eating

  65. Zyanid Warfare
    Zyanid Warfare
    Prije 17 dana

    Ok how why and where do you get all of this food from?... is it like the shit the grocery store is about to throw out or do you buy it all full price?

  66. Martin G. Official
    Martin G. Official
    Prije 17 dana

    Wasting food...

  67. UltimateGoku360
    Prije 17 dana

    That looks like such a waste

  68. Uchiha Dilini
    Uchiha Dilini
    Prije 17 dana

    Now I know he has a metal problem.

    Prije 17 dana

    This is some quality content

  70. Alexiosonano
    Prije 18 dana

    spero che domani diventi povero e vai a mangiare la merda per strada

  71. Brendan's treecko
    Brendan's treecko
    Prije 18 dana

    Legends say he still needs more egg.

  72. Solurzz rat
    Solurzz rat
    Prije 19 dana

    he must get a work out from this.

  73. Ricardo Alvarado
    Ricardo Alvarado
    Prije 20 dana

    A la gente de África le gusta este vídeo

  74. シIts denise da pudding
    シIts denise da pudding
    Prije 20 dana

    Thank you so much! This will be my breakfast tommorrow.

  75. Clocks
    Prije 21 dan

    *Anyone can cook*

  76. shadowmage YT
    shadowmage YT
    Prije 21 dan

    I wonder if vegan teacher got this in her recommend

  77. Vagas
    Prije 21 dan


  78. diego alonso franco barbosa
    diego alonso franco barbosa
    Prije 22 dana

    As a vegan i confirm this

  79. Nix [Nᴇᴋᴏ]
    Nix [Nᴇᴋᴏ]
    Prije 23 dana

    Lmao thanks

  80. Jewish Hitler
    Jewish Hitler
    Prije 24 dana


  81. sheron
    Prije 24 dana

    This man can actually end world hunger

  82. `
    Prije 25 dana

    tHiS LoOkS LiKe An aMaZiNg vEgAn sTeAk, 10/10 rEcOmMeNdEd.

  83. ibxboxcat
    Prije 25 dana

    Howtobasic: does a tutorial on how to make a vegan steak Me: WAIT ISN'T THAT IMPOSSIBLE? also me: *realizes that he doesn't actually make a vegan steak and starts doing mad egg stuff*

  84. Shreyas Chandratre
    Shreyas Chandratre
    Prije 26 dana

    U are just wasting food this can feed many families .As in this corona virus situation people have shortage of food aand money

    1. klapki-klapka
      Prije 22 dana

      yes expired food is totally good for humans...

  85. Blaine Petty
    Blaine Petty
    Prije 27 dana

    Basically the end of the video: *The egg needs more egg*

  86. Ольга among us
    Ольга among us
    Prije 27 dana

    you lmpostor

  87. Selvin Thapa
    Selvin Thapa
    Prije 27 dana

    Imagine the vegan teacher seeing this

  88. Snixbæ
    Prije 27 dana

    If you wanna donate and make a good cause, please let me know. Lol

  89. rajawi sud
    rajawi sud
    Prije 28 dana

    أويلي 😂

  90. Rainbow Butterfly
    Rainbow Butterfly
    Prije 28 dana

    4/10 very delicious but not enough egg

  91. flieger fliege
    flieger fliege
    Prije 29 dana

    Wie kann man nur so mit Lebensmitteln umgehen?

  92. Gabriel Mamauag
    Gabriel Mamauag
    Prije mjesec

    he just smash lot of veggies!

  93. Group Soulise
    Group Soulise
    Prije mjesec

    The plants he left out there Bugs : we eating good tonight 😌

  94. Jason Zero
    Jason Zero
    Prije mjesec

    How much money does he spend on getting food?!!??😂😂😂

  95. Mohammed Mustafa shareef
    Mohammed Mustafa shareef
    Prije mjesec

    The best asmr to watch

  96. Y are u gay?
    Y are u gay?
    Prije mjesec

    Looks good

  97. B E
    B E
    Prije mjesec

    There is a perfect vegan steak XD

  98. Random Email
    Random Email
    Prije mjesec

    such a waste of food

    1. Random Email
      Random Email
      Prije 21 dan

      @klapki-klapka true thank you for being kind

    2. klapki-klapka
      Prije 21 dan

      @Random Email true but not a big waste

    3. Random Email
      Random Email
      Prije 21 dan

      @klapki-klapka I mean, its still not really the way to even utilize those products

    4. klapki-klapka
      Prije 22 dana

      @Random Email also eggs are not expired cuz he has his own chicken farm

    5. Random Email
      Random Email
      Prije 22 dana

      @klapki-klapka i sure hope so!

  99. Jason Foster
    Jason Foster
    Prije mjesec

    Food waste

    1. klapki-klapka
      Prije 22 dana

      the food he uses is expired from stores...

    2. GDD
      Prije mjesec

      No you stupid, he trying to made perfect food for hungry mob.

  100. Karina Oliveira
    Karina Oliveira
    Prije mjesec

    Is good but is very eggs but i have one beef