How To Fix a Broken TV Screen

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Today I show you how to fix any Cracked or Broken TV screen for FREE!
This method works on ALL TV brands. Accidentally broken your TV? Don't worry! It will look good as new in no time - Simply follow the step by step instructions in this video.
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  1. ? shhh
    ? shhh
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  2. Zack Tomczak
    Zack Tomczak
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    Damn.. I just found out the hard way that this guy is still making videos..😤

  3. ender playz
    ender playz
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    Also it's an edit

  4. ender playz
    ender playz
    Prije 18 sati

    U shot it with a shot gun lol

  5. ender playz
    ender playz
    Prije 18 sati did a lot of these

  6. Kar
    Prije 22 sati

    Peta- just to be clear, we would like to call you the n word

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    NotKaelX Bg
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    Report because bad word 1:04

  8. mariotheplushy 7110
    mariotheplushy 7110
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    0:57 Shoots Broken TV

  9. Toufiq Porosh
    Toufiq Porosh
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    How did you get a shotgun

  10. el perro comunista
    el perro comunista
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    atreyu newbie gaming
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    Thanks :)

  12. ᒪᓍᒪ ᖻᘿᓰᘻ ᑘᖇᘿ
    ᒪᓍᒪ ᖻᘿᓰᘻ ᑘᖇᘿ
    Prije dan

    Since when did a tv turn into a waffle maker and then turned into a computer?????

  13. Alexander Richmond
    Alexander Richmond
    Prije 2 dana

    Its not funny when you actually break your Monitor

  14. Soy Jucka
    Soy Jucka
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  15. NewTheBarry
    Prije 2 dana

    To fix a broken screen you will make it more broken.

  16. C & A Account
    C & A Account
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    Is this supposed to help us

  17. Tanushree Chatterjee
    Tanushree Chatterjee
    Prije 2 dana

    This man has to be mad, I think he wants to to destroy everything he has

    Prije 2 dana

    How To Broken a TV Screen

  19. Bobby Cutts
    Bobby Cutts
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    Gon need that view back from you by the end of the day.

  20. P4ep_BL_02_Rutchanon Surasiranon
    P4ep_BL_02_Rutchanon Surasiranon
    Prije 3 dana

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  21. FoxyFrames
    Prije 3 dana

    I named it How to (Not) fix a broken TV

  22. it's berkleigh btw
    it's berkleigh btw
    Prije 3 dana

    the people following along with the video:

  23. Magnet 666 PBS
    Magnet 666 PBS
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    0:51 oh Shi*

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  26. James Paqueo
    James Paqueo
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    Imagine the police hears the noice of the shot gun

  27. Simoun Verrell Gedaca
    Simoun Verrell Gedaca
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    0:43 poor egg 😂😂😂

  28. Sayang Truong
    Sayang Truong
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    This is how fishy works lol

    1. Sayang Truong
      Sayang Truong
      Prije 3 dana

      Yeah a gun can fix it

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    Arif Pa
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  30. lone wolf
    lone wolf
    Prije 4 dana

    Anything is possible with how to basic

  31. Chicken S. Sandwich
    Chicken S. Sandwich
    Prije 4 dana

    I came here to find out how to fix a crack. I guess not. This is dumb.

  32. 2021-ACS
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    I hate this channel!!! 😡

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    Sumantra Saha
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    I am unsubscibing and dislike

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    Coasterman13 Official
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    Cover it up in dirt and throw eggs on it. Howtobasic's life answers.

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    Blen Bogale
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    Stop destroying everything

  36. imam s
    imam s
    Prije 5 dana

    Kenapa semua bahaaa inggris

    Prije 5 dana

    love this guy

  38. Star yes
    Star yes
    Prije 5 dana

    did he buy a whole fucking human or-

  39. Hao Xin Li
    Hao Xin Li
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  40. minecraft stuff
    minecraft stuff
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    Prije 6 dana

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  42. sasha carson
    sasha carson
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    This waisted my time

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    raiyoma 0921
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  44. Michał Pustelnik
    Michał Pustelnik
    Prije 6 dana

    Windows XP on a tv on end of the video

  45. Michał Pustelnik
    Michał Pustelnik
    Prije 6 dana

    Why short beep showed in some time this time: 0:49

  46. Eser Çağrı
    Eser Çağrı
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  47. CallMeKoshmar
    Prije 7 dana

    All the dislikes are dads who couldn't watch their soccer match

  48. alice lim
    alice lim
    Prije 7 dana

    I did exactly the same and my TV works perfectly. Thank you so much.

  49. 西瓜君だお
    Prije 7 dana

    How to Broke a Fixed TV Screen

  50. Muhammad Faris Ayudha Nugraha
    Muhammad Faris Ayudha Nugraha
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    Oh my gosh

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    ice ng
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    Don't smash tv !

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    Radha Krishna status channel 100
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    Umer Sufaidh
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    Bro don't play with food

  55. Edward Hatfield
    Edward Hatfield
    Prije 8 dana

    I knew from the start it was not going to change a tv screen in just over a minute

  56. Discord Dude
    Discord Dude
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    wut the sh*t

  57. Discord Dude
    Discord Dude
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    he’s fixing it wrong lol

  58. 30_Hunter Brown
    30_Hunter Brown
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    My Pc When It Gets A Error

  59. Rileys Gaming
    Rileys Gaming
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    Leg hair peel off 😂

  60. Quadrant Us
    Quadrant Us
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    Thank you! Now I can fix my dads favorite laptop!

  61. Anzhela N
    Anzhela N
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    Boomer Central
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  63. Qlkish Animation
    Qlkish Animation
    Prije 8 dana

    The name of company that made this tv from Russian literary translates as "piss"

  64. Epic gamer
    Epic gamer
    Prije 8 dana

    Thanks! It helped a lot, now my own tv called "the wall" made by samsung (only 1 in the world) is fixed

  65. ardi wibowo
    ardi wibowo
    Prije 8 dana

    Wow, its work🙃

  66. Angelo Calda
    Angelo Calda
    Prije 9 dana

    You dumb bro yo broke your TV for nothin that prize of that TV maybe 58,00$

  67. TheReaperwastaken
    Prije 9 dana

    When I saw the thumbnail I knew that was a video with a broken screen cause I have seen that but no hate

    Prije 9 dana

    Seriosly?😂 Over Kidding 😂

  69. Noyes NOYES
    Noyes NOYES
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    Does anyone notice the fact that this man owns a shotgun?

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  71. Rajveer Singh
    Rajveer Singh
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    but when he turned the tv on why was it a windows 10 screen-----

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    Dante Marroquin
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    sunscreenman 69
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    Sumantra Saha
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    Beacon_not noob
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    i hate this yt channel 😡😤

    1. Nate or something Idk
      Nate or something Idk
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      Then don't watch it lmao

  77. Sidhi Patni
    Sidhi Patni
    Prije 10 dana

    why he is wasting resources...if he doesn't want all gadgets give it me...i need that my phone broken since last two moths...i am a teenager...want them all...

  78. CaRdUdePeRsOn
    Prije 10 dana

    I was here to learn how to fix a monitor but I glanced down to see who it was from and was disappointed

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    0:57 time to bring in the big guns.

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    Redman boy 257 gameing
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    It's video 24 hours broken tv! Lol it's not broken tv! Nooob!

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    Does this work

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