How To Build a PlayStation 5

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Today I show you how to build the brand new PlayStation 5. Recently I managed to get my hands on the PS5 blueprints. If you want to build one for yourself at home you only need a few items. Many people don't know that the playstation 5 uses 90% of the playstation 3's hardware. Follow the step by step instructions and you'll get the NEW PlayStation 5 console before anyone else. You'll be amazed at how well it runs and how crisp the PS5 gameplay is.
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  1. HahaHumon
    Prije 10 mjeseci

    Built it, and when my friend came over he asked how I got it early.

    1. Byron Mustafa
      Byron Mustafa
      Prije 6 dana

      a trick : watch movies on flixzone. Been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.

    2. BroProGaming
      Prije 9 dana

      breaking news

    3. Danny Gabbard II
      Danny Gabbard II
      Prije 18 dana

      Not right

    4. PC_Quxz
      Prije 21 dan

      The same thing happened

    5. Cira Felicitas
      Cira Felicitas
      Prije mjesec


  2. Secret SpyRoblox
    Secret SpyRoblox
    Prije 42 minuta

    The new XBOX 360 PS3!

  3. Y kashi
    Y kashi
    Prije 12 sati

    true ps5

  4. Jesús Rodrigo Arteaga Ochoa
    Jesús Rodrigo Arteaga Ochoa
    Prije 19 sati

    No :(

  5. Jhonash Lee Quizon
    Jhonash Lee Quizon
    Prije 20 sati

    The ppl who play call of duty warzone: 👁👄👁

  6. Andreas Lam
    Andreas Lam
    Prije dan

    *components sold separately

  7. Echo
    Prije dan

    I built it I showed my best friend and he said you have it!!!!!!!

    Prije dan


  9. Arman
    Prije dan

    Anyone getting beat up pc flashbacks??

  10. Luke Florentino Bartolome
    Luke Florentino Bartolome
    Prije 2 dana

    Its only destroying not buliding

  11. FaZe Drtgoat
    FaZe Drtgoat
    Prije 2 dana

    Ayo iactually made it

  12. princesse princesse
    princesse princesse
    Prije 2 dana

    Does it provides RTX 3080?

    Prije 2 dana


  14. ߽
    Prije 2 dana

    make ps5 with trash consoles

  15. Polite Rankgomo
    Polite Rankgomo
    Prije 3 dana

    Poor people at the end be like Wait it could still work

  16. Mohamed Ragab
    Mohamed Ragab
    Prije 3 dana

    So cute

  17. Mohamed Ragab
    Mohamed Ragab
    Prije 3 dana


  18. Boey Xiang Lee
    Boey Xiang Lee
    Prije 3 dana

    What Song at 0:00?

  19. Kisses Meow The Kawaii Fangirl Est2007
    Kisses Meow The Kawaii Fangirl Est2007
    Prije 3 dana

    you marked my word how to basics lol. i have always wanted to create a ps5 iamo

  20. Juan Perez
    Juan Perez
    Prije 4 dana


  21. gameplayer2060 ts
    gameplayer2060 ts
    Prije 4 dana

    I think aome people thought this was real

  22. player 169
    player 169
    Prije 5 dana

    Why it look so much ps5😂

  23. Sunil Halder
    Sunil Halder
    Prije 5 dana

    Think sony corporation making these consoles. XD

    1. Sunil Halder
      Sunil Halder
      Prije 5 dana

      Like howtobasic

  24. damiano ferraro
    damiano ferraro
    Prije 5 dana


  25. Teresa Maiello
    Teresa Maiello
    Prije 5 dana

    Me having ps 3: but...It dont cost so much :(

  26. Saifu Bahri
    Saifu Bahri
    Prije 5 dana

    This is crazy

  27. ItBusinessDad
    Prije 6 dana

    Pornhub title: black ps3 dominates white xbox 360

  28. chippy the duck
    chippy the duck
    Prije 6 dana

    If you bump psi and Xbox 360 the sound is hear

  29. Héctor Ibarra
    Héctor Ibarra
    Prije 6 dana

    how this make me laught? i like this so much help me XDDDDDDD

  30. Lúcia Helena Pereira
    Lúcia Helena Pereira
    Prije 6 dana


  31. Haze the LeafWing
    Haze the LeafWing
    Prije 6 dana

    **how to pirate playstaton 5**

  32. Michael Innit
    Michael Innit
    Prije 6 dana

    I think it looks way better then the actual design

  33. la klaqueta Sonora
    la klaqueta Sonora
    Prije 6 dana

    No vi ningún comentario en español haci que me cree que uno.

  34. Sansictheskelebee_honeydashgamer
    Prije 6 dana

    This fake

    1. Zoara
      Prije 6 sati


  35. A person on the Internet
    A person on the Internet
    Prije 7 dana

    Console war be like:

  36. Matheus Branco
    Matheus Branco
    Prije 7 dana


  37. A5
    Prije 7 dana

    More like "How to build a Playbox 363 or xStation 363"

  38. bryan igual
    bryan igual
    Prije 7 dana


  39. Iliae SANHAJI
    Iliae SANHAJI
    Prije 7 dana

    Comme on be a little bit se rieux

  40. ice ng
    ice ng
    Prije 7 dana

    Dubsmash the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 !

  41. Devran Ali
    Devran Ali
    Prije 8 dana

    I work for sony and can confirm , we do make the playstation 5 like this.

  42. The Man’s Muscle Car
    The Man’s Muscle Car
    Prije 8 dana

    We all know the true way to build a PS5 you will need a WiFi router and two pieces of paper and put the paper on both side is the WiFi router

  43. Discord Dude
    Discord Dude
    Prije 8 dana

    That’s Not The Way To Build A Ps5

    1. Zoara
      Prije 6 sati

      Should i tell him

  44. 23596 De Silva
    23596 De Silva
    Prije 8 dana

    oh look he started early today

  45. red crewmate
    red crewmate
    Prije 8 dana

    Thank you for making me know how to build a playstation 5 I give this channel 5 stars

    Prije 8 dana

    Nice ps5 😎👊

  47. Elite Alpha
    Elite Alpha
    Prije 8 dana

    How many model 1 Xbox 360s did he destroy lmao

  48. John Mcginnis
    John Mcginnis
    Prije 8 dana


  49. Pooja Anil
    Pooja Anil
    Prije 8 dana

    What is this

  50. Bruno G4mes
    Bruno G4mes
    Prije 8 dana

    Thanks now i have a PS5

  51. Cayleb Zac Sarita-Celis
    Cayleb Zac Sarita-Celis
    Prije 9 dana

    hahahaha!!! that not how to build ps5! hahahahaah!

  52. The Daniel's Gomez's
    The Daniel's Gomez's
    Prije 9 dana

    Jajajaja que gracioso cuando golpea la ps3 y la xbox 360 mientras suenan sus respectivos sonidos 🤣

  53. Vanessa Pimentel
    Vanessa Pimentel
    Prije 9 dana

    A crazy vidro

  54. Meleka Semprini
    Meleka Semprini
    Prije 9 dana

    jajajajajaja dioooossss

  55. Fahad
    Prije 9 dana

    PS5: FUCK YOU PS4 : NO

  56. Mr. Beast
    Mr. Beast
    Prije 9 dana

    Favorite game watch dogs,Army of two,Vanquish,Fifa 15,Gta San Andreas

  57. Mr. Beast
    Mr. Beast
    Prije 9 dana

    My favourite gaming box

  58. Mr. Beast
    Mr. Beast
    Prije 9 dana

    RIP PS3

  59. shdbuzs gabriel
    shdbuzs gabriel
    Prije 9 dana

    How ps5 weeeeeeeeee

  60. Nafiz Faiyaz
    Nafiz Faiyaz
    Prije 10 dana

    This is the only video where PlayStation and XBOX collaborate.

  61. Sidhi Patni
    Sidhi Patni
    Prije 10 dana

    is he a human brother wish is to buy ps5 ...but it will be very dangerous if i show him this...bullshit

    1. Zoara
      Prije 6 sati

      I had a stroke reading this

  62. among_gamer7
    Prije 10 dana

    Just your daily video of two old consoles beating each other up

  63. ShyGuy3101
    Prije 10 dana

    Instructions Unclear, made a XBox Series X.

  64. JSRD
    Prije 10 dana

    As soon as I saw the axe and hammer, I realized I clicked on a HowToBasic video

  65. Bartuca
    Prije 10 dana

    Whats wrong whit you

  66. Jolly Production
    Jolly Production
    Prije 10 dana

    Cyberpunk 2077

  67. Krithis 2 Linz AG DE
    Krithis 2 Linz AG DE
    Prije 10 dana

    Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 0:17

  68. GameyX-Asphalt9
    Prije 11 dana

    Sony and his friend are fighting each other feels funny 🤣🤣🤣 bruh and you have destroyed it and you build it and that's not ps5 that's Xbops5x🤣🤣🤣🤣

  69. XmitzuX
    Prije 11 dana

    Ay bro do u get sponsored by chickens

  70. Emric hurtubise
    Emric hurtubise
    Prije 11 dana

    this video it funny

  71. Nice Smile
    Nice Smile
    Prije 11 dana

    where can i buy??

  72. you can see the attached hello kitty and
    you can see the attached hello kitty and
    Prije 11 dana


  73. Cantaloupe penguin
    Cantaloupe penguin
    Prije 11 dana

    Me, a PS3 user: *what have you done to my baby*

  74. Eyad Gabr
    Eyad Gabr
    Prije 12 dana

    instruction unclear: didnt say i need eggs

  75. ray guns
    ray guns
    Prije 12 dana

    why why why why why

    1. Zoara
      Prije 6 sati


  76. Wynd Blayde
    Wynd Blayde
    Prije 12 dana

    I suck at all that techie stuff, can you make one to order?

  77. Top4ick Pop4ick
    Top4ick Pop4ick
    Prije 12 dana

    Lol I tried to play my Tv broke then cool nice I get tv to trash and the it explode my face: 0 . 0

  78. Dylan k studios øuœ
    Dylan k studios øuœ
    Prije 12 dana

    Jajjajajaj the souns 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. TeChFliX
    Prije 12 dana

    You lying this not ps5. It's ps6 😂😂😂😂

  80. David V3nom
    David V3nom
    Prije 12 dana

    1:29 that is a xbox one controller

  81. Cyber Playz
    Cyber Playz
    Prije 12 dana

    Why you always using eggs

  82. Vian Rebello
    Vian Rebello
    Prije 13 dana

    Wasting Money For Things And Breaking Them For A Video

    1. Zoara
      Prije 6 sati


  83. Piotr Misztal
    Piotr Misztal
    Prije 13 dana

    Thats really working!!!

  84. Joseph Metcalf
    Joseph Metcalf
    Prije 13 dana

    instructions unclear ended up making a nuclear bomb that could annihilate half of the population of india

  85. Aleksandar Brkic
    Aleksandar Brkic
    Prije 13 dana

    You lying is ps6 😂

    1. TeChFliX
      Prije 12 dana


  86. BN Harshaan
    BN Harshaan
    Prije 14 dana

    2 og consoles were sacrificed in the making of this video 😔

  87. Emilio Lopez
    Emilio Lopez
    Prije 14 dana

    Ahhhh.... My gamer heart........AJHHHHHHHHHHH

  88. اتشي ني سا نيا اريقاتو
    اتشي ني سا نيا اريقاتو
    Prije 14 dana


    Prije 14 dana

    When she tells me her dad is John Cena: Me: I'd love to meet him! When she says her dad is HowToBasic: Me: *Gets in the closest car and get the hell out of there cause I ain't tryna die*

  90. Super Messi
    Super Messi
    Prije 14 dana


  91. Ibrahim Shamym
    Ibrahim Shamym
    Prije 14 dana

    UUUUUH Buy A Real PS5 It costs $500

  92. Star Gaming
    Star Gaming
    Prije 14 dana


  93. webcookie
    Prije 15 dana

    Thanks! Now I can flex on everyone.

  94. Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming
    Prije 15 dana

    I freaken wasted so much cash on this and it did work thank god

  95. Eleazar392 ,
    Eleazar392 ,
    Prije 15 dana


  96. plush honey bee
    plush honey bee
    Prije 15 dana

    howtobasic what your favorite weapon Howtobasic:EGG 0:14

  97. gunk dunk mulunk dunk
    gunk dunk mulunk dunk
    Prije 15 dana

    Instructions unclear conquered Spain and nuked Cuba

  98. Danial Rahman
    Danial Rahman
    Prije 15 dana

    this channel is all destruction

  99. Locust
    Prije 15 dana

    Never gets old

  100. Joross Supercars and Among us gaming
    Joross Supercars and Among us gaming
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